Ride the Way You Want

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Hitch a ride with a tap

Call your favourite ride and set a pickup point. Receive vehicle details and driver’s info, including a photo. Track your vehicle on a virtual map & head where you want to go.

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Ride when you want

Book a CARRUBA for later or get picked up right away. With around-the-clock availability, you can request a CARRUBA at any time and any day of the year.

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Rate your driver

Anonymously rate your driver after a trip. Your valuable feedback will allow us to make the CARRUBA experience more enjoyable for everyone.

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Call a Carruba

How the Carruba App Works?

The Carruba mobile app connects you with our nearby driver. Here’s a guide to hail a Carruba and track its arrival.

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Carruba app store app

Let the CARRUBA App Match You With the Nearest Drivers

Create a CARRUBA Account

Download the app, sign up to create an account and start requesting rides in minutes.

Have an Existing Account?

Invite friends to use CARRUBA. In turn, you’ll get a free ride every time a friend uses the service for the first time.