Who owns and operates the Carruba app?

Carruba is the trading name of Carruba International FZE, a company incorporated in Creative City – Media free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  The company’s license number is 13378/2018 and its registered address is Fujairah – Creative Tower, PO Box 4422 Fujairah.  Carruba International FZE maintains the website https://carruba.com/.


Although Carruba also operates through other companies in other territories, the United Arab Emirates is our country of domicile and the governing law is the local law.


Carruba also operates parts of its business through:


Appit Incorporated, a company incorporated under the RKK ICC Business Companies Regulations of Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  The company’s registered number is 20171731 and its registered address is Office 611, The Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Carruba Technologies (SMC-Private) Limited, a company incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.  The company’s corporate universal identification number is 0120930 and its registered address is Office 1, First Floor, Ramzan Arcade, Main Peshawar Road, Ramazan Arcade, Peshawar Road, Rawal Town, Punjab 76000.

As appropriate Carruba means Carruba International FZE, Appit Incorporated or Carruba Technologies (SMC-Private) Limited.

How to book a transport service using the Carruba app.

It’s simple.  If your required pick up point is your current location, the Carruba app will identify the pick-up point for you.  If you require a different pick up point, type the pick-up address in the address field bar on the booking screen of the Carruba app.


Then tab down to the destination field and enter your destination.


You will note that, as you start to type the location, a drop down box will appear for you to easily select your location.

Getting a fare estimate.

A fare estimate will be provided in the currency in which you will be charged for your journey, before you place your transport request.

Selecting a vehicle option.

Once you have entered your journey details, you are able to select your vehicle type by simply highlighting your vehicle preference.

How do ETAs work?

The Carruba app will provide you with two ETAs.  The first indicates how long it is estimated that it will take your driver to get to your pick-up address.  The second ETA is provided after you have been picked up and indicates when you are expected to reach your destination.


ETAs are estimates and not guaranteed.  A variety of external factors, such as heavy traffic, road construction or weather conditions can adversely affect travel time.  As a result of such matters, the ETAs may be updated in the app.

Contact your driver by telephone.

Once your booking has been allocated to a driver, an icon will appear on your Carruba App ‘call driver’.  Click on the ‘call driver’ icon to call your driver.

Changing your pickup location.

If you wish to change your pickup location after you have made your booking, simply telephone your allocated driver.  See the “Contact your driver by telephone” FAQ, if you do not know how to do this.

Cancelling a transport service using the Carruba app.

You may cancel your booking at any time.  Simply press the ‘cancel booking’ icon on your App.

Am I charged for cancelling a transport service through the Carruba app?

A fee may be charged if you cancel a transportation service after booking it, unless you cancel the transportation service at least 15 minutes before the pick-up time specified at the time of placing the booking request.


A booking is deemed cancelled if you or your passengers do not make themselves known to the transportation service provider within 5 minutes of them being notified about the arrival of the transportation service at the specified pick-up address.


Full details concerning your rights to cancel a transportation service and any fee that may be charged are contained in clause 3 of the terms and conditions.

Selecting a payment method for your journey.

You can select and change the credit card or debit card you wish to use to make payment before and during your journey.


Go to your wallet (accessed by the going to the menu on your Carruba App) and chose the method of payment and card you wish to use.

Are tolls and surcharges included in the fare?

Additional charges for the likes of tolls, surcharges, parking or other fees incurred necessarily to enable the transport service provider to get to your pick-up address and / or to convey you to your destination will, if at all possible, be included in the fare.


If it is not possible to include such additional charges in the fare, you will be liable to either pay the third party for such additional charges or to reimburse your driver for those additional charges.

In what currency will the fare be charged?

Any fare or fee will be charged in the currency specified in the Carruba app when you request and place your booking.


Payment can be made only in the following currencies: USD (United States Dollar), GBP (Great Britain Pound / British Pound), AED (Arab Emirates Dirham), INR (Indian Rupee), PKR (Pakistan Rupee) and EGP (Egyptian Pound).

How do I identify my driver and vehicle?

Once your booking has been allocated to a driver you will receive a notification providing the vehicle registration and the name and a photo of your driver.

Will I be charged for waiting time?

The first five minutes waiting are not charged. After waiting five minutes the driver is allowed to cancel your booking. If you are going to be longer than five minutes we recommend that you call your driver and let him know.

Waiting time in excess of five minutes is charged at the following rates for each complete minute.

Islamabad Business:           0.0482 USD or 6.74 PKR

Islamabad Go:                      0.0269 USD or 3.76 PKR

Islamabad Mini:                    0.0215 USD or 3.00 PKR

How are fares calculated?

Fares are calculated differently, depending on where your journey commences and the type of vehicle in which you travel.


Unless fares are charged subject to a statutorily imposed table of fares, a fare is made up from a base rate, a charge for time and / or distance to travel from your specified pick-up address to destination and may also be subject to the demand for transports services in the area at the time the booking was made.


A fare may also include a charge for waiting time, any applicable surcharges, fees, tolls and parking charges that are payable to a third party to enable the transport service provider to provide you with the transport service.


When making credit card, debit card and mobile payments, a service fee may be added in respect of each order of a transportation service, unless such a charge is prohibited by local laws.  Such service fee may include payment commission fees and Visa / MasterCard / Amex service fees.  The amount of the service fee is displayed in the Carruba mobile app.  In the event that the mobile payment intermediary levies a fee for the use of the payment service, which has to be paid by the customers separately, then those fees are not included in the Carruba credit card, debit card and mobile payment fee.


Immediately following receipt of payment for your journey, Carruba will send you a receipt by email to your specified email address.

Can I tip my driver through the Carruba app?

The Carruba app does not have a facility to enable you to tip your driver and the fare does not include a tip.

Tips are not expected or required, but should you wish to tip your driver, you may do so in cash.

How do I get a receipt for the cost of my journey?

Immediately following receipt of payment for your journey, Carruba will send you a receipt by email to your specified email address.

Does Carruba have recurring charges?

Carruba does not charge a subscription, membership or any other recurring charge.  You are only charged for the journeys you make (or for cancelling a journey for which a fee is payable).

How can I contact Carruba support?

You can contact the Carruba support team via email to support@carruba.com or by telephone in English to +44 (0) 3300 419844 (United Kingdom) or in English or any other language to +92 (0) 51 567079 (Pakistan).

Where can I find the Carruba terms and conditions?

The Carruba terms and conditions are available both within the app under the ‘support’ option of the main menu and at https://carruba.com/terms-conditions/.

Where can I find the Carruba privacy policy?

The Carruba terms and conditions are available both within the app under the ‘support’ option of the main menu and at https://carruba.com/privacy-policy/.

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