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4 Compelling Reasons to Drive with CARRUBA

Getting the salary you want or determining how much money you should get from a job is a tough task to navigate. Because finding the perfect job that can pay for your extra bills and responsibilities is quite a challenge.

So if flexibility and fast cash top your list, then a good side hustle is what you may need as long as you can lead a balanced life. With side hustling, it’s always about doing a job you actually like to do without getting burnt out.

That’s why more and more people are turning towards ride-hailing services for both work and leisure. But if you are worried about the low wage or high commissions, we might have the answer: Drive with CARRUBA. Here’s why:

Reason 1# Flexible Schedule

The best thing about getting behind the wheel with CARRUBA is you can drive when you want. It’s really up to you. If you need extra cash next month, just drive around your work schedule and make more money to cover that expense.

If your sales are slow, make up for it by driving with CARRUBA. There are no fixed hours of work — open your CARRUBA app and start accepting rides when you are ready. CARRUBA’s flexible schedule makes earning extra cash way too easy.

Reason 2# Keep 100% of Your Fares     

Simply put: The newly registered CARRUBA drivers will get to keep 100% of their fares for straight 3 months. Yup, that’s true! No commissions will be deducted from their fares for the first 3 months. Make the most of this limited time offer by partnering with CARRUBA and drive your own livelihood.

Reason 3# Get Paid Faster 

When you drive with CARRUBA, you won’t need to count down the days until payday. Drivers who reach at least Rs. 5,000 in earnings can withdraw their funds with “Swift Pay” whenever they want. Your funds will be transferred in as little as a few hours.

This means, if you are side hustling or doing trips every week, you’ll have the cash coming in regularly. So sign up to drive with CARRUBA and take advantage of the swift payouts.

Reasons 4# Explore New Places & Make New Friends

Want to explore new places and meet new people? Become a CARRUBA driver, make new friends and visit parts of the metropolis you may not have seen otherwise.  With CARRUBA, there is so much more to life as every ride can be an adventure.